• Looking to lose weight for good, ditching the yo-yo dieting? 
  • Struggling to gain muscle on a plant-based diet? 
  • Want to heal your gut health without the fads and click-baity tips found online?
  • Dealing with sluggish metabolism and low energy? 
  • Want to know what to eat to improve and support your sport performance?

I can help with all of this and more! If you have other goals send me an email to see if I can help you with that.

I myself choose to live a vegan lifestyle, however I have worked with people of all diets & can create plans and give appropriate advice for whatever type of diet you require. However I do have a special interest in plant-focused diets and may be of most benefit to those looking to increase their plant-based meals.  Click here to read more of my FAQs

Drop me an email at if you have any queries.

NOTE: I do not diagnose or treat disease, and my recommendations are not a replacement for medical advice; I will work alongside your medical professionals to support your well being. I also do not create meal plans that include meat or fish products but, if relevant for you, I can add suggestions for where to include these foods. 

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REcipes & guides

Not sure you want face to face coaching yet but want to learn more about a plant based diet or want more healthy recipe ideas?

I have some digital products you’ll LOVE!  A recipe eBook, Naturally Vegan, packed with over 40 plant based recipes ideal for families, entertaining non-vegans or for if you’re just starting out with a plant based diet.

Or a fully comprehensive guide to a healthy plant based diet. How to get enough protein, iron, calcium or omega from whole plant foods. A fab resource to make sure your vegan diet is balanced and well planned to help you STAY vegan.


All whole foods plant based healthy recipes for you to try. Healthy eating absolutely doesn’t have to be bland broccoli, rice and chicken (or tofu) or a tiny garden salad. Check out these delicious satisfying meals and fuel your body right! & tag me on Instagram if you make any @NaturallyGina_

My Recipes

LETS TALK PROTEIN  There are so many misconceptions and confusion around protein intake especially for [...]

Winter Spiced lentils

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Winter Warming Salad

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Pumpkin spice fall waffles

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Matcha White chocolate Pancakes

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Roasted Sprout Gnocchi

recipe notes: This is a super yummy fall recipe, that’ll be perfect for those leftover [...]