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Pumpkin spice fall waffles

Pumpkin spiced fall recipe vegan waffles - healthy breakfats recipe - naturally gina

Recipe Notes:  these are a perfect autumnal breakfast treat! Have with or without a pumpkin spiced latte.  If you don’t have a waffle maker than you can easily turn this recipe in to american style fluffy pancakes. But I do recommend investing if you’re a breakfast lover like me. They don’t have to be expensive.   […]

Matcha White chocolate Pancakes

white chocolate matcha vegan pancakes - halloween recipes - naturally gina

Recipe notes: This is SUCH a yummy Halloween recipe that’s also healthy. Packed with secret veggies for kids (or adults) and super fun. Matcha is a finely ground powdered green tea, high in antioxidants and often consumed suspended in hot milk as a matcha latte.  If your new to matcha, maybe try adding a smaller […]

Omega-Packed Nutty Granola

Vegan granola, omega 3 packed almond granola - Naturally GIna nutritionist

Recipe notes:  Granola packed with lots of plant based omegas* that’s so yum to add a lil sprinkle to breakfasts like smoothie bowls or on top of some oats!  *ground flax and hemp seeds contain plant based omega-6 and omega-3  fatty acids in the form of ALA  I like to add toasted coconut flakes and […]

Mocha morning Protein smoothie

Mocha protein smoothie - naturally gina nutritionist

Recipe Notes : Such a fabulous way to wake up; combine breakfast with your morning coffee to create a beautiful protein packed mocha smoothie! Perfect for some of these lovely hot summers days we’re having.  Extra tips: Vanilla protein would work well in this if you don’t have chocolate, or unflavored would still be yummy […]

Chocolate Blueberry Pancakes

chocolate blueberry pancakes - naturally gina nutrition 2020

Recipe notes:  This is such a staple recipe of mine! It’s so good for when you wanna do something fancy for yourself or guests/ family but wanna keep it healthy and aligned with your goals.  I’ve used various different flavored proteins in these before but I do prefer unflavored to be honest as some of […]

Simple berry smoothie bowl

Pink smoothie bowl - fruit - Naturally gina nutrition 2020

Recipe notes: I LOVE smoothie bowls! This one in particular I make regularly as a breakfast, as a sweet treat or even as a post workout lunch.  The key is to be very patient as its blending. You’ll be tempted to add more liquid to help it blend but this will result in fruit soup […]